Elizabeth Lee UMC has a heart for missions and is continually looking for new opportunities to be involved in missions both locally and globally. To learn more about getting plugged in to the missions ministry, check out the tabs below.

Who Do We Support in Liberia?

Elizabeth Lee UMC has been supporting Rev. Priscilla Jaiah-Gilayeneh in Liberia for several years. Priscilla, a native Liberian, learned as a child to share her faith by working with her mother in villages as a school teacher, youth worker, and choir member. As a missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries, Rev. Priscilla’s first assignment was in Ghana, where she worked with refugees at the Buduburam, Liberia Refugee Camp and the Ghana Methodist Church. After 8 years, Priscilla was assigned to the Ganta United Methodist Mission Station in Ganta, Liberia. As a school superintendent, she supervised the daily operations there while also overseeing the rebuilding of the facilities damaged as a result of the Second Liberian Civil War. Priscilla managed work teams and ordered supplies for the rebuilding and the educational supplies for the school. After a few years she was assigned to the position of Superintendent over the Ganta Mission Station. In addition to her duties overseeing the station, she now coordinates training, staff development, programs and outreach activities for the local community. Under Priscilla’s leadership they have undertaken a large agricultural program, which includes vegetable gardens and raising cattle, pigs and chickens. They also grow palm trees and extract the palm oil to sell. Last year they started planting rice fields as well, a main staple in their diet. Priscilla also coordinates with the hospital at the Ganta Mission Station and a rehab clinic for patients with leprosy and other skin conditions. She is doing a great job there and we very excited to support her in her work.

What Do I Need To Know?

Every few years, Elizabeth Lee UMC sends a mission team to the Ganta Mission Station in Liberia to work with Rev. Priscilla Jaiah-Gilayeneh and children in the local villages. Each mission trip, the team holds a Vacation Bible School for around 120 children all day, every day, for a week, during which time the team has the privilege of being able to share Jesus’ love with them. The next mission trip to Liberia will be in July 2021. The plan is to hold another Vacation Bible School for the children, some of whom have never heard of the love of Christ. Since there is a hospital at the station, anyone with medical experience and interested in going on the trip next year is needed to help with clinics at the hospital and trainings at the vocational school run by the Mission Station. If you are interested in joining the mission team next July please contact Janice Gallaher at jmgallaher@juno.com.