I Can’t Be Me Without You!

I Can’t Be Me Without You!

Borrowing the words of one of my former pastors, “I can’t be me without YOU!”  I depend on parents and other church members to support our ministry with occasional (and scheduled) times with me and the children. Pray for our ministry, and mark your calendar as the Children’s Council makes plans.  I also want your feedback for what works and what doesn’t.

I have served 3 churches for about 40 years, working in many areas, but chasing children at church is my all-time favorite job because we get to “move it!”  Children’s Ministry is a good fit for me. My Mom often said that I learned to crawl, and then I ran – but never walked.  My pet saying, shocking as it may be, is, “It’s OK to run in church!”  Running respectfully, of course.   Children appreciate high energy activities that I call fidget-busters, as well as times to sit, to talk, and to listen.

Sunday afternoon Kids Club (Pre-K through Grade 3) and LIFE Club (Grades 4 & 5) from 5:30 – 7 p.m. are school-year programs that include free supper, Bible time, and fun games. Send the kids on December 4 & 11 (Jesus’ Party is 11th), then we resume January 8, 2017. Need permission/info sheet at elumc.com.   I want our Elizabeth Lee children to learn the stories of Jesus.  And the Children’s Council wants to engage parents as we work together, building relationships while learning about Jesus.  My prayer is that our children will choose to follow God all the days of their lives, and as adults they will pass down their faith to their children and to children in their churches and community. I am blessed to work with your children!

– Barbara Berwanger, Children’s Director

Find more information about our Children’s Ministries on our Children’s Page!

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