How To Measure A Vital Congregation

How To Measure A Vital Congregation

I was at a meeting last month in which Bishop Sue Halpert-Johnson shared that one of her priorities for the churches of North Georgia is to be intentional about helping people listen for and hear God’s call.

In my home church, seven of us from my youth group went on to full-time, Christian service.  I think it speaks volumes about the counselors and Sunday school teachers who loved us and invested in us back then.

There are a number of markers we use to measure vitality in the church: professions of faith, worship attendance, small group participation, people served outside the church, and our offerings. Another key measurement is how many people from a congregation go on to full-time, Christian ministry.

Numbers never tell the whole story, people do, so I wanted to share an email I recently received from someone who heard the call of God because of the love and faithfulness of the people of Elizabeth Lee:


I want you to know that I pray for you and Elizabeth Lee regularly.

From time-to-time I get glimpses of things that happened in my childhood at Elizabeth Lee.  There were so many faithful people there, and they only showed us love.  Charlotte Lewis led the UMYF back then and she did a great job.  She challenged us to look at our future in Christ.  But, I didn’t plug into it as I should have.  However, those roots stayed planted and eventually I wised up.

I can’t imagine anything happening during the rest of my life that will be as meaningful to be as the Sunday I got to preach in my home Church, and you unveiled those beautiful windows.  That was a very special and important day in the life of the Chuch.  Why I was chosen for such an honor I’ll never know.  But I will be forever grateful.

Living by God’s Grace,

Rev. Doug Jordan

I wonder how many other “Dougs” are sitting in the pews, singing at the Well, or participating in LOL Club, Kids Club, or youth.  What child or youth do you discern has gifts for ministry? Will you tell them and pray for the Spirit to lead them according to God’s will? The future of Christ’s Church is dependent on us encouraging those after us to take up the mantel of Christ.

By the way, I just learned that Charlotte Lewis’ grandson, Lynn Lewis, is an ordained elder serving as the President of the Bible Seminary in Texas.

The seeds Mrs. Lewis planted long ago are still reaping benefits for the kingdom.  We never know how God will use seeds we plant today to reap a future harvest.

Seer you Sunday when we welcome Bishop Mondal back to Elizabeth Lee!

— Jennie


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